What To Expect

Typical Day:

We’ll pick a boat ramp in Southern Maine with the best available current fishing conditions and meet at first light. Your day might include poling shallow water mud flats, casting flies to breaking waves on the rocky coast, working quiet back estuaries, or poling our Southern Maine beaches sight fishing for cruising striped bass.

Boat & Equipment: 

Capt. Kyle operates a dialed-in Hog Island SW16 with plenty of custom add-ons. This boat is built to pole water as skinny as 6” and also provides an extremely stable foundation while working the rocky coast. The water that Kyle can access in his Hog Island is impressive; we can go anywhere. Thomas & Thomas fly rods with Nautilus reels line the gunnels of Kyle’s skiff. You’ll have access to the best gear on Kyle’s boat, extra Costas to try, etc… ENJOY!

What To Bring: 

Bring a hat, sunglasses, and something comfortable to wear given the current weather conditions. If you have any questions on what to bring, reach out to Kyle, he’s always happy to help. Kyle will have a few snacks on board and PLENTY of water in stainless steel water bottles. Plastic water bottles are highly discouraged, Kyle has participated in the #KickPlastic program since his first day guiding. An iced cooler will be ready to rock if you have any items that need to be kept cold.

Cancellation Policy & Payment:

Kyle prefers cash or check but can accommodate CC with an additional 3.5% processing fee. 50% deposit will reserve your spot. If you cancel outside of 30 days you’ll get a full refund. If you cancel inside of 30 days you’ll be refunded your deposit, only if Kyle can rebook. Just communicate with Kyle & we’ll be good to go.


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Ideal Fishing Date

Captain Kyle Schaefer | (603) 969-3050 | Kyle@SoulFlyOutfitters.com